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Born and raised in Southern California, 26 and counting.

Photography is both instantaneous and permanent. It is for this paradoxical reason that I love it. It captures a unique moment in time that is preserved through the image. Details and scenes constantly shift; the tide ebbs and flows, but no two sequences of rising and falling are the same; people enter and exit subways, buildings, and streets all over the world, yet the arrangement of people is different every single time. And yet, through constant motion, a scene will arrange itself just perfectly by chance. As people move and flow they’ll produce a beautiful arrangement that is once in a lifetime. As elements shift in nature, perfect abstract patterns will form for a brief second. It’s these details that I seek to capture in my work.


Currently represented online via Laguna Art Gallery Contemporary. Soon to be on Artsy and 1st Dibs via Gallery 104.

Featured in Linus Gallery’s “Where is My Mind” online exhibition:

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